pole tents

Pole Tents

A traditional pole tent is erected using center poles to push up the canopy. The tent is then stabilized with guylines at each of the side poles. Because the guylines must be staked into the ground, this style tent requires an earthen or soft surface. We can install a pole tent on an asphalt surface and patch the stake holes upon removal of the tent. For a festival party atmosphere, a pole tent is the way to go.

frame tents

Frame Tents

[Frame Tent] A frame style tent is a versatile, free standing structure which can be installed on just about any surface. A rigid framework of heavy duty aluminum pipe is constructed and the vinyl canopy is fitted on the frame before erecting. Wit no center poles in a frame tent, you get an unobstructed interior

inflatable tents

Inflatable Tents

Our thirty foot wide inflatable tent is perfect for those backyard parties. Need something quick for a BBQ or birthday party? Don't want to spend as much as a frame tent would cost? The inflatable tent provides shade and a fun environment at less cost.

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