Trailer Smoker with Charcoal Grill Rental


Need to feed a few more people? This trailer mounted 60″ smoker is top of the line. This HOT model will smoke, roast or grill anything and will also turn heads and impress your friends.

• 30 Boston Butts
• 30 Slabs or Ribs
• 50 Whole Chickens
• 750 chicken wings
• 150 LB Hog
• 150 Ears of Corn
• Top Rack 24″ x 60″
• Bottom Rack 29″ x 60″
• Dual Stacks with damper control
• Double flange doors
• Enough wood for 8 hrs of smoking

Specs & Features
• 3/16 inch thick steel fire box
• 3 inch TEL-TRUE Temp Gage
• Front wood storage
• 22 Sq Foot cooking surface

Propane Event Grill Rental


This high traffic event propane fired grill is ideal for company lunches, catering, sales promotions, construction sites, church, school and sporting events. This grill will also fit in the bed of any pickup truck.

Specs & Features
• 1001 Sq. In. of grill surface
• Electronic Igniter
• CSA Certification
• Two Stage Regulator
• Grill surface lids make great tables on each side
• 50 Hamburgers
• 125 Hotdogs

Charcoal or Wood Fired Trailer Event Grill Rental


This grill offers a 4ft x 4ft grilling service. Can be used with charcoal or wood or mix the two. Great grill with pull out charcoal tray for easy loading while cooking.

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