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Bungee Power Jump Rental

The Bungee Trampoline is one of our newest items. It can be set up to have either 2 stations or 4 stations. It can allow kids and adults to go up to 25 feet in the air while safely attached to bungee cords!!! Elastics are specially designed for an enjoyable and safe experience. You will be able to perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults! You will need a required space of 40 feet in diameter and 40 feet height clearance to set this up This is attached to a trailer so we’ll need vehicle access and a power supply. It has a weight limit of 20 to 200 lbs for the jumper so nearly everyone can participate.

Rock Climbing Wall Rental

From corporate events to private birthday parties, our mobile rock climbing walls are always a hit! Towering 25 feet above the ground, our portable rock climbing walls make a great interactive centerpiece for any occasion. With our instructors’ guidance, the only prerequisite for getting to the top is the desire to have fun. Climber’s of all ages, from 3-95, have enjoyed our mobile rock climbing walls for years. We offer a 3 route rock climbing wall to ensure high volume and a great challenge for all.

TES uses only the best industry leading equipment. All equipment, staff, set-up & insurance are provided for your event.
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rock wall
rock wall

Mobile Zip Line Rental

Do you have the courage to take the leap of faith? Well if you do, then prepare for the ride of your life. Climb atop this 3 story stair case in your full 5 point harness fastened to you by one of our trained staff. Once you get to the top, get hooked in for the ride! There’s no turning back now. The operator opens the pivot door and there you are left hanging. Do you walk off or not? Maybe you sit down and coast on the cable? Either way, you are locked in for the jump. Now you take that last deep breath and push off. Soar through the air like a bird as you feel the drop. The wind blowing in your face as your breath is taken away by the view. Then slowly come to a stop by using of our smooth breaking system as you safely land about a foot off the ground. One you do it once, You will want to ride again and again! To make it more special, plan your mobie zipline event at night and we can illuminate it with LED and make it glow for the added affect.

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Big Baller Rental

The Big Baller is the latest addition to our extreme attraction and competitive interactive rentals. The challenging game is built exactly after the highly popular Wipeout TV game show. Your guests will scale a 9′ incline in order to reach the top. Of course, your party goers will need to build up the courage to want to jump across 4 huge inflated balls that are ready to toss you any which way you lean. Feel the excitement as you won’t know to the last second on whether you will fall to the safety air mattress or continue on to the next ball. Only those with superior balance will make it across. The Big Baller is perfect for commercial events, Wipeout themed events, college events and festivals. It can be installed on grass or cement. It’s a scream!

Reckless Ride Rental

The super fun Reckless Ride carnival ride is a huge mechanical ride that will seat 8 at a time. This is the same amusement park quality rental that you would see at any county fair. The Reckless Ride rental is not for the faint hearted, so be brave, buckle up and get ready! Your guests will experience a strong G force while feeling a fast spin movement! There is no need to go to Busch Gardens or Disney, create your own adventure for your party. The Reckless Ride rental is a perfect attraction for any party or event. From fairs to festivals and even carnivals to neighborhood events this rental will not let you down. So if you can handle it give us a call to learn more.

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